Recess and Lunch Times:
Kinder -         10.15-10.45 (Recess)    10.45-11.15 (Lunch)
1st Grade -   10.00-10.30 (Recess)     10.30-11.00 (Lunch)
2nd Grade-   10.30-11.00 (Recess)     11.00-11.30 (Lunch)
3rd Grade -   11.30-12.00 (Recess)     12.00-12.30 (Lunch)
4th Grade -   11.00-11.30 (Recess)     11.30-12.00 (Lunch)
5th Grade -   12.00-12.30 (Recess)      12.30-1.00 (Lunch)

Check in at front office: 
 When you come to the school, you must sign in at the front office and show a photo ID. Even if you are just going to cafeteria or playground, for security reasons you need to get a sticker.

No Left Turn Rules:
If you are dropping off your child at the 3rd Grade Entrance, you will have to come from west on Lakeview Drive (from Wood Street side). There is no left turn going in or coming out of the parking lot during school zone hours.

No Morning Drop off by the cafeteria:
The only drop off point at the school is at the 3rd grade entrance, which is the far east end of the school. If you would like to walk your child to school, you could park in the parking lot by 3rd grade entrance or park on Wood Street. There is no parking in the faculty parking lot by the cafeteria during the morning school zone hour.
Lunch with your Student:
Parents can lunch with their child but the following rules apply;
- When dining in the cafeteria the child may ask one guest from his/her grade to join them,
- When dining outside friends cannot be invited, and parents need to keep an eye on the time so students return to class with other students,
- Due to allergy precautions, parents can only bring lunch for their child, not for friends.